Texas Almanac 2016-17

Texas Almanac 2016-2017

The Texas Almanac is the complete reference book on all things Texan. First published in 1857, it is now in its 68th edition and includes these new feature articles:

• A history of LoneStar cuisine—from Tex-Mex to barbecue—written by Dotty Griffith, longtime foodwriter for The Dallas Morning News and author of The Texas Holiday Cookbook, Celebrating Barbecue, and Wild About Chili.

• A look at the big business of Texas wine, including a history of grape growing and winemaking,written by Melinda Esco, author of Texas Wineries.

• The story of Assault,the feisty chestnut colt from King Ranch who injured his right forefoot as afoal but loved to run and went on to win the 1946 Triple Crown. This articlespotlights the 70th anniversary of Assault’s historic feat, which earned himthe nickname “The Club-Footed Comet.”

• Aoverview of professional and college sports in Texas written by Norm Hitzges,popular sports-talk radio host in the DFW area for 40 years; the author of suchbooks as Greatest Team Ever: The Dallas Cowboys Dynasty of The 1990s;and the television play-by-play voice for the Dallas Sidekicks.



An illustrated history of The Lone StarState.

The environment, including geology,plant life, wildlife, rivers, lakes.

Weather highlights of theprevious two years, plus a list of destructive weather dating from 1766.

A two-year astronomical calendar, includingmoon phases, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, eclipses, and meteor showers.

Recreation, with details on stateand national parks, landmarks, and wildlife refuges.

Sports, including lists of highschool and college sports champions, the records of professional sports teams,as well as lists of Texas Olympians and Texas Sports Hall of Fame inductees.

Counties, a large sectionfeaturing detailed county maps and profiles for Texas’ 254 counties.

Population figures, including thelatest estimates from the State Data Center.

A comprehensive list of Texas cities andtowns.

Politics, elections, andinformation on Federal, State, and Local governments.

Culture, the arts, and religion, including a listof civic and religious holidays.

Health and science, withcharts of vital statistics.

Education, including a completelist of colleges and universities, and University Interscholastic Leagueresults.

Business and transportation, withan expanded section on Oil and Gas.

Agriculture, includingdata on production of crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock, and dairy.

A Pronunciation Guide to Texas town andcounty names.

Obituaries of notable Texans.


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