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Taxco Woman

Limited Edition Canvas Giclee. Published from the artist's original work. Kinzinger was born at Pforzheim, Grand Duchy of Baden, German empire, and attended the Knirr Schule, Munich (1908 - 1910), followed by periods at the Staatliche Akademie, Munich (19109 - 1910), and the Staatliche Akademie, Stuttgart (1910 - 1912). He was a graduate student at the Academie Moderne, Paris (1912 - 1913), and a master student of Adolph Holzel at the Staatliche Akademie, Stuttgart (1913 - 1914), supporting himself by painting portraits. Entering the German army in 1914 as a private soldier, Kinzinger rose after nearly five years at the front, and two wounds, to command an artillery unit. Released from active service in 1918, he studied as a master student of Henrich Waldschmidt, again at the Staatliche Akademie, stuttgart (1919 - 1921). 
14 in x 18 in

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14 in x 18 in